Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Door Decor

Last year, after my holiday decorations were complete, I stumbled upon an inspiring image posted by AnNicole over at Our Suburban Cottage.  Luckily, I remembered it this year when I assigned myself the task of Christmas-ing Up my boyfriend's house... his multi-colored lights lining the eaves of the house just weren't enough for me last year.

So, while he watched Sunday football, I got to work... see below for details on how to make your own!

2009 inspiration

2010 creation

Since his front door is red, I chose two colors of green ribbon to hang pine cones from. I would have loved to use a ribbon similar to the purply-red color used by the folks over at Country Living. It is so pretty. Very Holiday, but not traditional red or green.

Next, I hot glued the ribbon to the top of nine pine cones varying in size (nine because odd numbered things are usually more pleasing to the eye). I cheated and purchased a bag of pine cones instead of collecting them from the yard. I won't tell if you do the same. To figure the length of the ribbon, I measured from the point the knot would be hanging at the door. I intended to use a wreath hanger or 3m hook, but to my surprise there was already a nail in the door.

After all the pine cones were securely glued, I held all of ribbon in one hand while pulling each strand until they were all varying in lengths that would lay nicely together. Once satisfied, I tied a knot in the ribbon. And, tada! A new, very cost effective decoration that is the perfect amount of holiday for a bachelor's door.

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